DDP software is unable to write back to database e.g. update appointment status, etc. 

One or more of the following odbc error logs is returned by the sql browser or the DDP software:

  • [FairCom][ODBC FairCom Driver 9.5.65535.6186(Build-120902_130902)][ctreeSQL] 51701
  • [FairCom][ODBC FairCom Driver 9.3.55632(Build-110208_120517)][ctreeSQL] -20160 JSPT Feature not supported
  • [FairCom][ODBC FairCom Driver 9.5.65535.1713(Build-120902_130422)][ctreeSQL] -20142 Error in Stored Procedure/function Execution - Could not initialize class com.hsps_pp.nativeDLLs.NativeDLL_DBAccess


These are Common write/back Errors returned by ODBC indicating a problem with the G5 Dentrix Server or Java file problems.


Download a copy of the "JSPT Repair utility" located in the DDP Resource Center Downloads.  A copy of the instructions on how to run the utility are included in the download zip.
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