Scrollable Popup for Medications is available for Open Dental integration and requires YAPI Mobile app version 4.7.5 or higher.  

You will also need to update YAPI (both server and workstation) to version 1.4.103  or up and install OpenDental plugin 1.9.5.

After you install all updates, you will discover the option to "Use popup control" in Medication item in 'ODMH' - Open Dental integrated form. 

Check the "use popup control" checkbox to enable Scrollable Popup for Medications. 

This box is unchecked by default on the "Open Dental Medical History Update" form and checked by default on the "Open Dental Medical History Update 2" form. If a customer uses custom forms, then you need to update those forms. 

We don't recommend updating standard forms that come with your PMS plugin. 

See here how it works