Sometimes you may need to create a copy of YAPI Service or Migrate the YAPI Service to Another Drive. Here is how:

1. Stop ALL Existing YAPI Services and disable the service.

2. Copy and Migrate the entire YService folder to the end destination and rename YService to YService2 or YService3. (Ex: D/YService3/)

 3.Start YAPI Service Manager FROM NEW YSERVICE FOLDER and click Clone Service  button.

Type the name of new YAPI Service. Note that you will need to create a folder with the same name as the name of new YAPI Service and copy the whole content of the current (default)  YAPI Service folder (normally, Service). Typically, this new folder must reside under the same folder as default Service. 

Click Ok button.

Close dialog box and execute serviceinstall.bat using Admin privileges. Make sure that you execute specified batch file only after you've created new folder and copied YAPI Service files.

Remove a shortcut link to default YAPI Service Manager. Create a shortcut link on the Desktop to YAPIServer Manager from cloned service folder.