You will need those three identifiers to configure YAPI InstaReview Google integration. 

The first question that usually comes out is why do we need that many identifies? The short answer is that Google is constantly modifying and polishing their interfaces adding new identifiers and removing old. Currently we need those three. 

Finding Google CID.

CID is assigned by Google to a business and is used to locate a business on Google map.

To find CID, click Online button on YAPI Dashboard, select InstaReview, and select Setup. 

On InstaReview Setup window, type Google search string that uniquely identifies the practice.  

Click Verify button. A Google map will popup presenting the practice on the map. Please make sure that you see correct practice. And only one. If Google comes with multiple results, close the map, update the search string and click Verify button again.

If you are satisfy with the search result, go back to InstaReview setup screen. You will find CID entered for you. Don't close the map window - you will need it later.

Finding Google Place ID.

Place IDs (once again) uniquely identify a place in the Google Places database and on Google Maps. 

To find PlaceID for the practice, click Find link. Google Place ID Finder will popup

Copy search string into the field or simply type it. Please notice autocomplete showing you what Google is finding. Select the correct string from autocomplete.

Once you select a string, Google will show you Place ID. Select it on the map and copy to InstaReview Setup.

Finding LRD.

LRD is a pointer to Google Review window. To find LRD go back to Google map that you still have opened. Click on reviews link. You will see Google Review window.

Copy URL from the Address bar and copy it to a text editor. Your LRD is a string starting from  &lrd= till the next & character. Copy the string and paste it into InstaReview Setup window. Please note that you should not include &lrd= and &.

Finally, click Verify button. Make sure that Google Review Screen pops up.

Click Save button at the bottom to save InstaReview configuration.

You can also click HERE for a Google Listing lookup.


07/15/16 -- When you have found the LRD [ex. 0x80c288f39fa19ef7:0x8940594e544d927e,1] you will need to add ,2,5 to the end of the script string to replace the ,1 that was previously there [ex. 0x80c288f39fa19ef7:0x8940594e544d927e,1 becomes 0x80c288f39fa19ef7:0x8940594e544d927e,2,5]