Starting from version 2.4, Mobile YAPI is AirPrint enabled.

To enable printing in Mobile YAPI switch to Configuration tab, and set Enable AirPrintoption to On.


To send a document to an AirPrint-enabled printer, touch-and-hold on a document for a half of second, select Print from popup menu


Select the printer


number of copies, tap Print.


If the previously selected printer is not available, YAPI will search for the printer. You may see No AirPrint Printers Found message if the printer is turned off or is  not connected to the same WiFi network as your iPad.

When printing is in progress YAPI may receive status messages like in the following picture.


Note that you will need AirPrint-enabled printer connected to the same WiFi network as the  iPad.  Please follow this link for the list of AirPrint-enabled printers. In case you don’t have AirPrint-enabled printer in your office, check this  workaround solution.