In YAPI, a Document Package is a collection of documents that you can select on the Document List with a single touch. An example of a package is the New Patient Package that contains Patient Information Form, Medical History Form, Dental History Form, Insurance Information Form, HIPAA Form, Financial Agreement Form. 

You create Document Packages in advance using YAPI Document and Form Manager.

What if you need to select several documents and you don’t have a package for that combination? Here is how.

When on Document List, you can select a single document by simply touching a document name.

To select multiple documents, use long touch – touch a document name and hold your finger for about 1/2 of a second till selected document name turns orange. To un-select, long touch a document name again. Select more documents as needed.

You can select document from different section including Current documents, Packages, Pending documents and Forms.

You will notice orange tab MORE at the left. Once done with selection, touch MORE tab to continue.

Touch CLEAR button to clear selection. Touch USE button to continue with selected documents and YAPI will present a newly created document package. Hand iPad to your patient.

Patient selects a document from the list by touching the name. Once a document is completed YAPI shows a check mark at the left from a document name.

When all documents are completed YAPI will instruct a patient to return iPad.