Click Setup and Manage button on the top of the Dashboard and select Global Setup

On Global Setup screen, select Operatories tab. Please note that if you have patients on YAPI Dashboard, YAPI won't let you add,remove or modify areas.

To delete an operatory, select an area with the mouse and press Delete button on the keyboard. Click Save button.

To rename an operatory, double click an operatory and type new name. Click Save button.

To add new operatory, select the last empty row in the list and type new operatory name. 

Select other operatory in the list to indicate that you've finished editing. Click Save button.

Close Global Setup screen.

When you add new operatory, it will appear on the top left corner (typically above Check-In area).

Arrange YAPI Dashboard by moving new operatory into appropriate space on the Dashboard

Save the Dashboard layout: right-click on the grey area between operatories and select Dashboard Layout - Store Layout. To share new Dashboard layout with other workstations, select Dashboard  Layout - Share Layout.