YAPI New Patient Online form can be used as a standalone forms or can be a part of an online package. The form, as all other YAPI forms, uses responsive design, is smart phone and tablet friendly, supports devices with large and small screens adjusting elements accordingly.

The forms consists of six pages. The patients navigates between pages by clicking Continue and Previous buttons. Before the form is submitted, a Review screen pops up allowing the patient to verify and edit his/her input.

Required fields are marked with a red asterisk. Patient must complete all required fields before moving to the next page. 

The page displays your logo on the top, and the link your Practice website at the bottom.

Here is the first page.

You may notice that the form may show fields when additional information is required. For example, if the patient selects "Other Patient" as a referral source, the form will require patient's name.  

Form's second page contains the list of all Medical Conditions (Medical Problems in OpenDental)  allowing the patient to select his/her conditions. Note that the patin can add conditions in the box at the bottom of the page.

Form's third page presents Allergies and Medication questions. Both Allergy and Medication lists are from your Practice.

Here is form's 4th page. Again,  the form may request additional information based on the patient input. 

Form's 5th page collects patient signature. Patient can use a mouse on PC, sign with the finger on Mac or on a tablet or a smart phone.

Finally, review page allows patient to verify his/her input, edit if necessary, and submit the form.

When the form is submitted, YAPI presents the following confirmation screen. If the form is a part of a package, YAPI directs the patient to the next form.

Process submitted forms

Once a new patient form is submitted YAPI Cloud Proxy notifies your office and data is securely downloaded to your office and is stored in YAPI Document Queue. Note that YAPI employs Transport Layer Security (TLS) to protect sensible information during communication and data transfer and no patients’ information is stored outside your office.

Once patient data arrives YAPI informs office staff by broadcasting the following message.

New patient data is stored in YAPI Document Queue. Note that the Document Queue icon turns blue if the queue contains a document. To open Document Queue, click the Document Queue icon on the top of YAPI Dashboard.

Documents with patient’s information are marked with the following icon

We recommend to update patient's record in OpenDental as soon as the form arrives. Don't wait till the patient arrives!

To update patient's record, click on the patient name and select Update option.

YAPI will display Select Patient window and will search OpenDental for an existing record. Please note that you must create patient's record prior to the update. If the record is found, select the patient. Otherwise please make sure that the record exists and take care of possible spelling errors.

Data Viewer presents all the data from the form. First, patient 's information shows up, then patient's Medical history. You handle patient's input during the update the same was as you handle iPad forms as described here and here.

When you finish with the update, YAPI will ask you to confirm whether the update was successful. 

When you successfully updated patient's record, YAPI will remove all patient data from the Document Queue leaving the pdf document. This pdf document will eventually end-up in OpenDental Images.  We recommend leaving the pdf document in the Document Queue till the patient arrives so you will be able to review it, discuss with patient, annotate.

When the patient arrives, YAPI will pull the pdf document from the Document Queue and insert it in patient's Document Folder.

You will be able to view, annotate, print, etc the document. Please note that the document's icon depicts the globe indicating that the document was submitted online.

Finally, you will send the document to OpenDental Images.