OpenDental integration module installs several OpenDental specific forms. Unlike YAPI generic forms, those forms are tailored to fit tightly into OD data model and workflow. In other words, those forms collect data that OpenDental is looking for allowing update OpenDental database with just few mouse clicks and without leaving YAPI.

Before you start using OpenDental integrated forms please clean up your Medication, Allergy, and Problem lists as described here.

This article provides step by step instructions on how to use Medical History Update Form and how to transfer collected data to a patient record in OpenDental database. 

Using Form on iPad

Find a patient on the Dashboard, swipe left or right inside patient’s operatory/area or invoke patient’s document menu – tap and hold on or around clipboard icon, select Sign Document option.

On the next screen, select Medical History Update OpenDental form (current form is 2.1)

Once the form is presented let your patient have the iPad to continue with the form. Please note that you can abandon the form and return back to the previous screen by tapping Forms and Documents button at the top left corner.

Medical History Update form has three pages. The patient navigates from one page to another by tapping Next or Back orange buttons at the bottom of each page or simply swiping left or right with a finger. Note that YAPI won’t allow moving to the next page if the current page is not complete or contains erroneous data.  Data fields and controls that require patient’s input or selection are highlighted  with yellow.

The first page contains non-editable patient’s first and last name and the list of Medical Conditions known in OpenDental as Medical Problems. YAPI presents all medical problems defined in OpenDental except those that are hidden in OpenDental or YAPI and checks the boxes based on the patient’s current record in OpenDental.  To learn about hiding medical problems in YAPI please click here.

On the first page, the patient should verify whether all appropriate boxes are checked. 

If OpenDental recognizes more than 64 conditions the list will be larger than the page and the patient is required to scroll list down till the end of the list before leaving the page. The following error message will alert the patient that not all medical conditions were visible.

To finish with medical conditions and move to the second page, the patient should check the I checked all that apply box at the bottom and tap Next button.

Form’s second page allows patient to enter his/her health conditions that were not in OpenDental yet, enter allergies and medications, answer several medical questions. Note that YAPI fills all fields based on the information currently available in OpenDental.

Allergies section contains all allergies defined in OpenDental except those that are hidden. If more than 20 allergies are presented, the allergies list is scrollable. 

YAPI allows up to ten entries for medications.  YAPI will pre-fill all medication fields with patient’s current medications. To select a new medication, modify, or to remove a medication, patient should touch the field and select a medication from the list that appears at the bolton in place of the keyboard. To remove, simply scroll up to the first entry in the list.

When a Yes/No question requires additional information, a text box will pop-up and a keyboard will appear at the bottom of the page. Note that the box's backgroud color indicates whether an entry is required.

The last page contains few more questions, a free form comment field, and the signature box. Patient should finish required fields, sign at the bottom, and tap Save button.

If the patient misses the signature field or the signature doesn’t contain enough “ink”, an error message will popup and the signature field will wiggle.

When the patient taps Save button, the form will be send to YAPI and the Dashboard will appear. If the Dashboard is password protected, which it should be, YAPI will lock the screen asking for the password.


If the form was was a part of the package, YAPI will return back to the package view allowing patient to visit other documents/forms. 

Once form is submitted it will show up on the Dashboard and the Virtual Document Folder’s icon will change to


indicating that the folder has a document that contains patient’s information to be imported  into patient's record in OpenDental.

Update Patient Record in OpenDental

The next step would be to open newly created document, review data, update OpenDental, and move signed document to Images. Note that YAPI Dashboard will automatically reflect all the changes in patient's record.

On YAPI Dashboard on PC, select patient's Virtual Document Folder with the right mouse button down to open folder’s context menu and select Show Documents.  Alternatively, you can click on the area’s toolbar button.

Document Viewer will show up. Note that the document’s entry at the left will have an icon indicating that the document contains patient’s data.

Select the document title on the left. On the right, you will see multipage pdf file that contains patient medical history update. You can view and annotate pages (both on PC and iPad). You will store this file in OpenDental Images under Medical History Update category. But first, you need to update patient's record.

Click green error button on the toolbar menu

Next window presents OpenDental Medical Problem, Allergy, and Medication lists and selections made by the patient. 

Resting mouse pointer inside each list presents a bubble that shows all selected items in a list.

Resting the mouse pointer over a selected item provides you an option to add an annotation.

Use right-button mouse click to open annotation window, type your note, click Ok button. 

When you update patient's record, notes will be stored as problem/allergy/medication notes in OpenDental and will be visible in Chart module.

When you are ready to update patient's record, click Update button.

The Preview window will show up. The current information for the patient will show on the left while the information that the patient entered on the form will show on the right. If there were any changes, YAPI will highlight those.

 Click Import button, to proceed. 

Finally, file signed pdf document into OpenDental Images. Note, that you can file the document at the same time you update patient's record or you can do it later leaving the document in patient's document folder on the Dashboard allowing the doctor to view and annotate medical history documents if necessary.

Later, you can open patient's Chart in OpenDental to confirm that patient’s record was updated successfully.

Additionally, YAPI adds a record to Comm Log 

and to Audit Trial Log

Handling Un-matched Medical Problems, Allergies, Medications.

Once in a while, patients won't be able to match their medications, allergies, medical problems to those listed on the form. So they will enter their  problems/allergies/medications as "other" or "not listed"

When you update patient's record, YAPI will show un-mached medical problems/allergies/medications in red. You won't be able to move forward with the update until you resolve un-mached problems/allergies/medications. 

To fix the problem, you have several options. 

First, try to find a mach. Sometimes patients miss their problem/allergy/medication already listed on the form and type it in the  "Other" or "Not listed" section.  When you find a match, simply select it in the list and remove text in red.

Second option is to store un-mached medical problem/allergy/medication as Other medical problem/allergy/medication. Please make sure that you've created Other problem/allergy/medication and made it hidden in YAPI as described here.

Move the mouse pointer over the warning icon, click and elect Copy to Other option.

YAPI selects Other in the list and creates a note moving un-matched problem/allergy/medication into it.

Do it for every un-matched problem/allergy/medication. Click Update button, then Import button.

When you finish,  you check patient's Chart

If this option works for you, you may instruct YAPI to always select Other and store un-matched problems/allergies/medications as notes: click Setup and Manage button on the top of YAPI Dashboard, select Global Setup, on Documents tab, check Quick Import box.

When you handle un-matched problems/allergies/medications, the third option would be to store un-mached as notes. So you select a best suited problem/allergy/medication, and create a note copying un-mached to the none box.

Finally, you can create a new problem/allergy/medication in OpenDental letting YAPI to find a mach. Move the mouse pointer over the warning icon, click and elect Add as a new option. YAPI will show you a confirmation dialog. Select Ok button to proceed.

YAPI will create a new problem/allergy/medication in OpenDental and select an appropriate box in the list.