Occasionally we are getting reports concerning Wi-Fi connectivity when YAPI app is unable to locate the server on start up. 15 seconds after the start the app may pop the following error message

When you retry one or two times YAPI is able to successfully locate the service and connect to it. In most typical scenario, problem occurs when YAPI is launched on iPad that was idle for a while.

When YAPI starts on iPad it tries to locate YAPI service by listening for “heartbeat” messages that the service broadcasts every 5 seconds. If YAPI misses 3 messages it assumes that the server is not running.

Meanwhile iPad has a tendency to let the Wi-Fi connection go dormant very quickly in an attempt to increase the battery life. Unfortunately, when the iPad automatically reconnects to the Wi-Fi network, it may fail to do it fast enough. So by the time iPad gets Wi-Fi connection YAPI quits.

To eliminate this problem, let YAPI know IP address of the computer running YAPI Service.

Start YAPI, open Configuration tab, and enter IP address of the computer that runs YAPI Service. Push Home button and start YAPI again.

Here is how to find YAPI Service IP address.

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